Maplesoft Maple 14 Portable
Maple 14 Environment for a wide range of mathematical transformations and the creation of technical documentation, indispensable for modern engineers, mathematicians and scientists. The program interface allows to solve many problems from basic design calculations and algorithms to develop complex models, logic simulation and learning mathematics. Computer Algebra System Maple, has a convenient graphical interface, allows symbolic and numerical solution of differential equations and calculate integrals.

Key Features Maple 14:
+ Scalable user interface.
+ Powerful mathematical processor.
+ Ability to generate code.
+ View documents in the form of a slideshow.
+ Use Maple 14 on all stages of project life cycle.
+ Annotation of documents with mathematical formulas and references.
+ Function handwriting recognition to translate formulas in an electronic form.
+ Logical simulation and testing hypotheses.
+ Funds for the stepwise preparation of technical documentation.
+ Assessment of the interaction of objects, the definition of mathematical relationships.
+ Crossreferences in documents for quick access to computing.
+ A set of tools for dynamic simulation of Dynamic Systems.
+ The ability to use Maple programming language to create specialized tools to optimize and reconfigure parts.
+ The integration of Maple 14 with CADsystems, including the popular platform NX (supported starting from the interface of NX).

Opportunities for plotting in Maple 14:
+ Substitution of mathematical notation in the title
+ Creation of labels and legends
+ Support for international symbols
+ Annotation graphs (drawing tools, add text and formulas, drawing geometric
+ Shapes, arrows and lines)

New in Maple 14:
+ Improved tools linarizatsii.
+ Integration with the package MATLAB. Module Maple Toolbox for MATLAB is now built into the package of Maple 14.
+ Improved productivity Maple 14 allows you to quickly solve tasks.
+ Ability to solve Riccati equations.
+ Maple 14 provides more builtin tools for engineering calculations.
+ Improved search engine.

Information: We must keep in mind that it starts to work normally from the second run. On the first run, he wrote what the files and it looks as though he had no license.



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