LogTen Pro 5.5.8

LogTen Pro is a professional pilot logbook solution for mac using pilots of all experience levels. Whether you're a CFI, operate a small charter, fly for a major airline, or just own your own plane, LogTen Pro will provide you with the tools to take control of your flight time.
What was your latest departure time out of JFK last month? How much time did you log on flight number 317 last week? When was the last time you performed the landing in KASE? Is your flight time in the last 28 days within the approved limits? How many days until your next flight review? Medical? LogTen Pro has the answers.
Version 5.5.8:
- NEW: Your next expiring certificate is now shown in a little status view in the main Flights tab.
- NEW: You can now have Smart Groups show results as Total Scheduled Time or Total Duty Time.
- Improved repair command available under the Help menu.
- Text alignment in Trips table columns is now more consistent.
- Updates for the following Airline Schedule importers: Air Canada, Delta Emirates, and AIMS.
- Fixed an issue that could cause auto enter times to stop working after syncing with iPhone.
- Fixed an issue with calculating “Total Aeronautical Experience” on the Australian logbook reports.
- Fixed an issue that could cause Smart Groups based on Days to be one day short.
- You can now remove the aircraft type from a flight.
- Fixed a sync issue that could cause “This is me” and default PIC and SIC to be un-ticked after syncing.
- Fixed an issue that could cause the type picker not to work after deleting a type.
- Mac OS X 10.5 or later.



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