The Little App Factory Rivet v2.6.0
Rivet allows you to access your digital life on your Xbox 360 or PS3. Browse, play, and view all of your picture, movies, and video through the Xbox 360's or PS3's media blade right in your living room.
Rivet will automatically load and give you full access to your iTunes music, iPhoto photographs, and any video or picture folders that you wish to share.
Version 2.6.0:
- Xbox connection/port caching issue fix
- Video scrubbing, requires an update to device apps (iPhone/iPad)
- New Thumbnail Engine
- Server Preferences now work on the iPhone/iPad
- See what is currently streaming feature
- Preference panels have been reorganised
- New menu icons
- Downloading of video codecs removed
- Numerous bug fixes
- Note: Cynical Peak license users may require a new TLAF license, these can be obtained from here. Any problems, contact support
- Mac OS X 10.5 or later
- iTunes for music sharing
- Networked Xbox 360 or PS3



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