Liberty Street CoinManage
Program catalog of coins and banknotes of the United States, Britain and Canada, for the period 1793 2008gody, with extensive additional information. The database program for more than 21,270 coins, with detailed descriptions, photos, and an estimated cost of this auction.

Key features Liberty Street CoinManage:

Pictures of each type to help you visually identify the coin. Individual sets of images and basic design characteristics within a species.
Ability to add up to 4 images for each coin. Supports JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and PNG image formats. Scanning images of CoinManage using your scanner or digital camera.
Each coin contains an inventory of more than 30 information fields. Ability to specify the defects of the purchase price and sales, etc.
Easy to use interface allows you to add data on the countries and coins that are not present in the database program.
Support for an online store, and send the contact information for customers, dealers and services rendered. Easy One Click viewing of all coins bought or sold a particular dealer or customer.
Store an unlimited number of files or URL links for each directory entry.
Available immediately find the necessary coins and printing of the list.
Safe storage of your database using a completely automated backup. If necessary, it is possible to set a password.
And much more ....

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