Le Petit Larousse 2010

Le Petit Larousse dictionary in 2010 is the multimedia standard for the entire family.Updated annually, it is indispensable at all times to check his knowledge, his perfect mastery of French and answer any questions about the world.Simple and easy, a simple word invites you to discover other relevant articles and media and allows you to extend your exploration of the contents of the Petit Larousse.
Le Petit Larousse 2010 CD-ROM is more than a dictionary:
* 59,000 nouns, 28,000 proper nouns and all the new words of the 2010 edition.
* 2100 photographs and drawings.
* 60 tables and lists of reference: the Nobel Prize, the countries of the European Union ...
* 313 interactive maps.
* 200 audio media and 65 hymns countries.
* A module to play word games with words.
* 100 teaching animations in 2D.
* A grammar module.



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