Jungo WinDriver 10.21

The WinDriver™ product line supports any device, regardless of its silicon vendor, and enables you to focus on your driver’s added-value functionality, instead of on the operating system internals. WinDriver’s driver development solution covers USB, PCI, PCI Express, CardBus, CompactPCI, ISA, PMC, PCI-X, PCI-104 and PCMCIA.
Top Features
* Fast: Shorten driver development cycle and time to market.
* Simple: No OS internals or kernel knowledge required.
* Stable: Field tested on thousands of HW / OS configurations.
* Enhanced Chipset Support: Silicon partners libraries to jump-start your driver development. Special samples for various PCI / USB chip vendors, such as PLX, Altera, Cypress, Silicon Laboratories, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and Xilinx. WinDriver generates a skeletal driver code, customized for the user’s hardware.
* Multiple OS support and cross platform: WinDriver product line supports Windows 7 / Vista / Server 2003 / XP / XP Embedded / Windows 2000, Windows CE / Mobile, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and VxWorks. The same driver will run under all supported operating systems without any code modifications. Just recompile!
* Immediate Hardware Access and Debugging: Test your hardware through a graphical user-mode application, without having to write a single line of code. Monitor kernel level activity throughout the driver development process.
* Performance Optimization: Use WinDriver’s Kernel PlugIn technology to develop your driver in the user-mode – then run performance critical sections of it in the Kernel Mode (Ring 0) to achieve optimal performance (more).
* WHQL Certifiable Driver: WinDriver’s Windows drivers are WHQL ready – you will not need to invest time and efforts on making your driver WHQL compliant. Jungo also can prepare the WHQL submission package for you.
* Field-proven quality: WinDriver’s technology enables you to concentrate on your core business and successfully create first-rate drivers without having to invest redundant resources in driver development from scratch.
* User-mode programming: WinDriver’s architecture enables driver development in the user mode, while maintaining kernel-mode performance.
* 64-bit Support: Allow utilizing the additional bandwidth provided by 64-bit hardware and enable 64-bit data transfer on x86 platforms running 32-bit operating systems. Drivers developed with WinDriver will attain significantly better performance results than drivers written with the DDK or other driver development tools that do not support this feature.
* Complete .NET Framework Support: Easily incorporate WinDriver’s C# or VB.NET code into your existing .NET application using the powerful object oriented managed extensions for C++ library.
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