J.River Media Center 15.0.118 Final

J. River Media Center - a powerful media center that combines work with music, videos and photos. Plays most popular audio and video formats, including MP3, audio CD (supports CDDB) and DVD, can convert CD-audio tracks to WAV, MP3, copying to the hard drive vinyl discs and tapes (removing the interference and noise), as well as create Audio-CD, and for all these functions, the program has many customizable options.

Besides, there are very good and powerful in its capabilities organizer of multimedia files, mediaredaktor, equalizer, built-in DSP and convenient scheduler to automate the processes of playing / recording, as well as support for remote control. From optional, but nice features - becoming almost a standard for decent programs can change the appearance using skins, mini-player mode and the TV (c cards ATI).

With this program you will be able to use a computer to control all connected to your home entertainment devices. With this program you can copy music to portable digital players and mix your digital photos from your camera into a digital library media center, burn music CDs, watch and record your favorite TV shows and more. The program allows you to organize a collection of photos, view detailed information about each file. Unique full-screen mode allows you to work with the media collection, driving it to a monitor or TV. The program also supports various remote controls. The program s interface supports skins.

Key features:
* Organize all your media files and libraries
* Easy to use screen action programs
* More visualization
* The buttons for switching modes of media
* Tree-like navigation
Support for Canon and Kodak, as well as other cameras that use the WIA interface
* Remote viewing and playback of media files
* Supports JPG, BMP, TIFF, RAW and PNG formats
* Basic image editing
* Image enhancement during slide show or on the Internet and by e-mail
* Show album covers for audio tracks
* Powerful TV Features
* Search popular services like Google Video, Youtube, etc.
* Upload your images and videos on the Internet
* Extensive possibilities for editing tags of audio tracks
* And many other possibilities

Operating system: XP/Vista/7
Language: Multi
Medicine: Yes



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