Idera SQL Virtual Database v1.3.18
SQL virtual database is a powerful, new one of a kind solution that lets you attach SQL Server backup files and query them just like they were real databases! Its revolutionary, patent pending technology allows DBAs to gain instant access to critical data in a backup file without wasting the time or storage necessary to restore the database. Just attach the backup file, and use any native SQL Server or third party tools to query and extract the data you need… in minutes.
* Retrieve data from backup files immediately
* Use all native and third party tools to access virtual database
* Use virtual database for reporting, data extraction, data analysis, and more
* Supports SQLsafe and SQL Server full, differential and transaction log backups

Why SQL virtual database?

We know that DBA’s are often asked to restore a backup in order to recover objects or data, compare two systems, or run a report. Today, the only way to do this is to restore the database, a time and storage consuming activity.

SQL virtual database creates a ‘virtual database’ that appears to SQL Server and third party applications like an actual database providing access to the data directly without a restore, This greatly reduces the time for data recovery while also increasing productivity and reducing resource requirements.

Key Benefits of SQL virtual database
Reduces time and space requirements

SQL virtual database lets DBAs get instant access to data in full, differential and log backup files without requiring the additional time or space to perform a database restore.
Improves DBA productivity

DBAs continue to use all the tools they already know to access data in the virtual database. This greatly improves productivity and allows them to focus on other more important activities.
Enables Object level recovery

Provides unparalleled object level recovery capabilities for both Idera SQL safe backup and native SQL Server backup files. Obtain access to all schema, objects and data using any language or application.
Offers easy installation and use

SQL virtual database can be installed and configured very quickly, typically in less than 15 minutes.



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