Garmin Mobile PC 5.00
The advanced technology used by GARMIN, allowed to develop GPS receivers, which carry out fast and firm grip of satellites and continuously track your location with low power consumption. GARMIN GPS receivers have high computing power, providing a continuous update, smooth scrolling maps and display your location in real time. After acquiring GPS receiver from GARMIN, you will be able to extract from it the maximum of useful information through a unique combination of precision, quality and reliability inherent to all devices GARMIN.

1 MUST be install Garmin Mobile PC50010 it the basic softwear
open Garmin Mobile PC50010 start installation with MAIN.exeDON T start with setup.exe,after the installation is completed you can find it in C:\ NOT in program Files
if you don t find there files:
SW /UNL file
gmapprom/UNL file
copy them from Garmin Mobile PC 50010 and put them in a program derectory C:\GarminMobilePC
we need them to activate the program and the Garmin City Naviga tor Europe 2009 NT

Start the Garmin Mobile PC 50010 using Que YES on Did this puschase of Garmin Mobile PC inc3lude a Garmin GPS rec3eiver DONE on onnect or power on your Garmin GPS receiver I Agree ( if yellow windows appears press OK to c3lose it) SETTINGS
5.go down to ABOUT and press it
6.WRITE aside Device Id number
7.USE THE GARMIN KGEN from Garmin Mobile PC 50010 to activate Garmin Mobile PC 50010 check pic.2 past the code in sw file in C:\GarminMobilePC
8.COPY the map from Garmin City Naviga tor Europe 2009 NT and PAST it C:\GarminMobilePC
9.USE THE GARMIN KGEN from Garmin Mobile PC 50010 to activate Garmin City Naviga tor Europe 2009 NT check pic.3 the code GOES to gmapprom file in C:\GarminMobilePC
10.Check on pic.3 what you shoud have in program s directory



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