Flowcode for ARM v4.3.8.64

Flowcode for ARM the development environment with an intuitive graphical interface that allows to develop programs for ARM microcontroller at block designs. Environment allows you to easily create programs by dragging and dropping the appropriate icon in the block diagram.

Key Features:
Easy to use interface, just drag the icons on the screen;
Extensive routine highlevel components;
Open architecture allowing you to view and comment on the C and Assambler code generated from block diagrams;
Fully supported by the range of materials for training and development of embedded systems.

Allows those who have little experience quickly and without errors to create electronic systems;
Rapid development of simple and complex embedded systems.

Supports I2C, SPI, RS232, Bluetooth, Zigbee, IrDA, CAN, LIN, TCP / IP, Webserver, USB, RFID, GPS;
There are components for LED, buttons, switches, keypads, LCD, Graphical colour LCD, Graphical mono LCD, sensor, 7segment displays, internal EEPROM;
You can paint the front panel of the developed device.

HOME PAGE:http://www.matrixmultimedia.com/Flowcode3aX.php

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