Firetrust MailWasher Pro 2010 v1.0.6
MailWasher has deservedly earned its reputation as one of the worlds top anti-apam products. With over 8 million users around the world and features on both BBC and CNN you can be confident that it is one of the easiest ways to get rid of spam.MailWasher will actually prevent all spam getting to your computer by showing you a preview of the email waiting at your email provider. The benefit of this is that it lets you make the final decision on what email to keep and avoids losing any email.

- Spam can't get to your inbox.
Remove spam from its source before it even reaches your computer. You'll Never suffer from spam in your inbox again.
- Unbeatable spam detection tools.
Advanced spam detection technology and tools do all the hard work for you by automatically marking spam emails and flagging them for deletion.
- Preview all incoming mail before downloading it
Instantly preview all incoming mail and decide what do do before it even reach you. No more time wasted downloading annoying emails with huge attachments.
- No brainer setup. Quick and easy to use.
So easy to setup and use. Automatically pull down all your mail settings and contact information so you can start blocking spam like a pro in no time.

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