FarStone TotalRecovery Express 7.03.1

FarStone’s TotalRecovery 7 Express is a “Green Application” that provides complete PC backup recovery with no installation required. Simply restart your system and boot into the TotalRecovery 7 Express built-in operating system to backup or restore your entire system or files. TotalRecovery Express is fast, easy and leaves no imprint on your hard drive!

* #1 Instant backup (disk imaging) recovery with no installation required
* Seamlessly upgrade to a new hard drive or migrate to a new PC
* Retrieve files from a crashed system with the built-in Recovery Manager
* Powerful Universal Restore function restores to dissimilar hardware
* Go Green! No installation!

Features & Benefits:

Green application - Backup PCs with no installation required Don?t want the hassle of installing another program for backup? With TotalRecovery Express, you can execute all your backups and restoration procedures without installing any software! Simply upgrade and migrate to a bigger hard drive!
Instead of spending hours or days to migrate your data and Windows to a newly purchased hard drive, it takes only minutes for TotalRecovery 7 to completely move everything including files, photos, music, application settings, and your operating system.
Save your backups ANYWHERE!
With TotalRecovery 7 Express, backups can be saved to almost any storage media device available to you! This includes hard disk drives, network attached storages (NAS), network share folders, CDs/DVDs, and USB hard drives. Complete System Backup for Windows 7!
Back up everything on your new Windows 7 system with user-friendly User Interface.

Easily Migrate your HDD to SSD!
Clone everything, including your personal files, Windows system files and all applications on your current hard drive to a Solid State Drive (SSD) in just one click.

Upgrade your Hard drive in a click!
If your current hard drive isn’t big enough, TotalRecovery 7 Express makes it easy to migrate all of your data, applications, and even your Operating System to a bigger device!

Handy data and file recovery tool to retrieve files from a crashed system!
TotalRecovery 7 s Recovery Manager is a powerful utility allowing you to boot into a crashed system by its built-in pre-operating system to rescue your precious files from the non-operational drive.

Max Speed with Solid State Drive (SSD)!
Total Backup Recovery 7 Workstation clones (moves) your hard drive to SSD drive in minutes so you can avoid spending hours or weeks on reinstalling all programs.

Bare Metal Recovery made easy!
If Windows fails to start, you can still restore your PC to its previous working state in seconds!

Universal Restore/Dissimilar Restore
Restore to original or different computer (i.e. migrate to a newly purchased computer), or even to a virtual machine without any hassle.
Unique Total File Shredder included - securely remove data from outside of Windows
When it does become necessary to completely remove files (i.e, handing a PC off to a new user), any tool used in Windows still leaves traces on your drive - and tracing software can easily be hidden. FarStone s unique Total File Shredder is compliant to the US DoD 5220.22-M Standard and securely deletes all traces of sensitive data (such as confidential emails, legal documents, financial data, etc.) from outside of the Windows environment.

Recovery CD/DVD or Restore Image File Creation
After spending hours or days upgrading your system to Windows 7, capture your PC in perfect condition. You can make a recovery CD/DVD, or an image file for it with only a few clicks.

Free Technical Support
With our helpful support staff, you’ll receive free technical support on all FarStone products.

Built by hands, designed for the heart!
TotalRecovery 7 offers you total data disaster backup recovery solution with all the features you need. Some of the more advanced features include email notification, pre and post command, RAID supports, preview file in Time Travel and more.



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