Excel Invoice Manager v2.10.1016

Excel Invoice Manager is a billing software and invoicing software powered by Excel invoice templates and add-in. By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Excel, Excel Invoice Manager provides an ideal billing solution for small to medium size businesses.
* Bill your customers without leaving Microsoft Office.
* Create invoices in true what-you-see-is-what-you-get invoice template.
* Manage customers, products, invoices and payments easily.
* One software, unlimited number of companies and databases.
* Design your own invoice templates with familiar Excel tools.
* No Office macros at all.
* Networking - share data with your colleagues over a network.
* Design your billing system on the database structure level.
* Free if you want - Excel Invoice Manager includes a completely free invoice template, which can be used stand alone to create and calculate invoices.
* And many more...



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