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Esperient Creator is an extremely powerful program for creating real time, interactive, 3D scenes and 3D games, and is a true What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. Until now Esperient Creator has been one of the interactive media and 3D industries best kept secrets, something which is now changing. In case you didnt already know.

People who use Esperient Creator include:
Game designers/developers
Graphic Designers
Instructional Designers
Interaction Designers
Interior Designers
Multimedia Designers
Training Specialists
Web Developers

Companies that rely on Esperient Creator include:
Advertising agencies
Educational institutes (Schools, colleges and Universtities)
Exhibit design houses
Fortune 1000 manufacturing companies,
Individual media designers
Industrial Design Houses
Medical research labs and companies
Web development agencie

Esperient Creator is used in over 20 Universities (and growing quickly) for teaching interactive media, games, simulation, augmented reality and engineering visualisation

In 2007 tens of millions people watched visual effects and interactive technical animations created in Esperient Creator without even knowing it. In 2008 we expect that number to increase hugely as Creator is further adopted by media and broadcast companies world wide.

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