eRecords Player v3.0
eRecords Player will show you a new level of digital media with features such as audio recording, an intuitive user interface and content management.
Features eRecords Player:
Advanced playlist editor and media control:
ERecords easily create new and modify existing playlists. You also have the opportunity to share with other computers on your network and beyond!
In addition, eRecords allows you to manage multimedia libraries more easily using a function such as an advanced tag editor.

Online content and downloads:
ERecords integrates with many popular music portals such as Napster, Deezer and MSN Music.

Remote streaming for network devices:
Using the Remote Streaming, you can listen to your media from other computers on your LAN or wireless network.
The tool is also very easy to setup, and within minutes you will be able to view and share media between computers.

Visual images, DVD and video:
Video playback and visualization of your music.

Language: English
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Size: 5.8 MB



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