DriveWorks Solo v7.3.0.119
DriveWorks Solo - this addition to SolidWorks, designed to automate the process of drafting and repetitive tasks. Provides a high and consistent development of three-dimensional models and 2D-drawings, commercial quotas, BOMs, Cut Lists, DXF's (open file format for the exchange of two-dimensional graphics information between CAD applications. Was created by Autodesk for the system AutoCAD. Supported by virtually all CAD-systems platform PC.), and eDrawings (mechanics, expansion edrw). You'll save time and be able to identify products that support your technical controls.
DriveWorks Solo is a new rules-based design product designed to bridge the gap between DriveWorksXpress, the free SolidWorks-based solution and the high-end software, DriveWorks Pro.
Set up and use in the engineering department, extend to non-technical staff to respond to customer enquiries. DriveWorks Solo provides the means to capture and re-use rules needed to specify, design, manufacture and Engineer-to-Order. With DriveWorks Solo you can automate repetitive tasks and automatically generate sales, design, marketing, and manufacturing outputs required to create new and variant products. You will save time and be able to specify products whilst maintaining your engineering controls.
Reduce the cost of custom designs
Respond quickly to sales enquiries
Enhance product quality
Reduce repetitive tasks
What are the Benefits?
Customizable Forms to Aid Selections
Preview Results - 3D Models, Drawings and Document
Re-use Existing Company Data
Template Documents for Responding to Sales Enquiries
New Files Created Automatically
Customizable Forms to Aid Selections
Customizable forms greatly enhance the user experience, and make this a tool that can be used by sales or non-technical people as well as engineering. The inclusion of graphics as well as guidance messages and feedback on the forms ensures valid selections are made when filling out the form
Preview Results - 3D Models, Drawings and Document
DriveWorks Solo harnesses the power of SolidWorks so you can preview the effect of your selections and changes to the design. The ability to zoom in, zoom out, rotate and animate the model provides further compelling visual benefits.
Re-use Existing Company Data
Companies that design and manufacture custom products, invariably rely on data that exists in other company systems, spreadsheets, note books, co-workers heads! DriveWorks Solo lets you copy information and then save it in Solo so that that data can be re-used in your project and as you build your rules.
Template Documents for Responding to Sales Enquiries
By linking the values entered on the forms to the rules and data inside DriveWorks Solo you can provide a fast response to customers. Use the DriveWorks Solo template quotes to create a professional response automatically and all based on your rules.
New Files Created - Automatically
When you are happy that your specification meets your requirements you can finalize your results. Your models will be saved with the final file names assigned (and based on your rules), your drawings and documents will be generated ... And you're even ready to start manufacturing.
OS: WinAll
Language: English



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