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CyberLink YouPaint - funny and, at the same time, functional graphic editor. Thanks to the colorful and intuitive interface CyberLink YouPaint is the perfect entertainment for children and adult users. The dashboard application provides quick access to a comprehensive set of tools for drawing, which includes pens, pencils, crayons and erasers and a palette that provides fast access to dozens of six colors.
The application supports touch control mechanisms implemented in Windows 7. Beginners and experienced artists will be able to make colorful drawings directly on the screen or touchpad with your own fingers.

Artist Library and Library support for templates allow users to quickly begin to realize their creative ideas, but also make it possible to preserve the work for reuse.

The authors are experiencing shortages of their own ideas, be able to use the library stamps (stamps), ready-made graphics. YouPaint allows you to rotate objects, change their size and location on the screen using simple and natural gestures. Users will be able to replenish the collection of stamps by adding your own images.

Image Bloom function allows you to view a series of identical or similar images and can be used to create impressive frames or quickly drawing a large number of duplicate objects. Tracing Paper blanks are black and white outline images are intended for coloring by hand. The product YouPaint includes a library of such templates, the program also involves the ability to create custom pieces based on photographs and images.

Fun Drawing Tools
Select from one of four drawing tools-chalk, pencil, marker, or crayon-and adjust the tool size to suit your project and the effect you are trying to create. YouPaint provides the feeling of actual texture when using various drawing tools.

Vibrant Color Palette
What s better than a box of five colored pencils? A box of 60, of course! YouPaint offers a choice of 60 vibrant colors to work with. Adjust the size of each tool with the sliding scale to create colorful lines of various thickness.

Touch Support
By supporting the latest touch hardware and the touch features of Windows 7, you and your kids can draw and paint directly on the screen with your fingers. Of course, with YouPaint painting software you can also use a pen tablet or mouse.

Tracing Papers
Kick-start your creativity with YouPaint s library of 10 tracing papers of familiar shapes like animals and vehicles. You can import your own photos and use them to trace and create cool and original paintings, too.

Coloring Pages
Use the drawing tools or paint bucket and color pallette to create vibrant paintings from the fun coloring pages. And if you re not happy with the result, you don t have to throw it away - just erase it all and start again!

FREE Downloads
Want more tracing paper & coloring pages? No problem! New to DirectorZone are many more of both for you to trace and color. You can even sign up as a Creator and upload your own designs to share with others.

Swirling Image Blooms
Image blooms work like a quick copy and paste tool, repeating a series of the same image. Create a swirling chain-like effect from a choice of 13 types of image. You can apply anywhere on the canvas or make stunning borders, it s your art work!

Moveable Stamps
Apply stamps to your canvas and give your pictures even more character. Choose from 76 built-in stamps and use the easy zoom-in and rotate features to fit your artwork. You can even make your own stamps by importing your favorite images and photos!

Saving & Sharing
View and save all your drawings and imported images in the art works library. Print your work by choosing from one of four pre-defined styles-portrait, landscape, color or grayscale. And now you can even email your masterpiece directly from YouPaint.

Image Import Formats

Image Output Formats

What s new in CyberLink YouPaint v
- Download free tracing and coloring templates from DirectorZone.
- Share your paintings via email.
Program Information
Title: CyberLink YouPaint
Year: 2010
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7
Language: multi (crack)
Medicine: key
Size: 125 Mb
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