CoolUtils Total Audio Converter v3.0.1.88
Over 22 000 people have already chosen Total Audio Converter to process their audio files. Get your free copy now to test it. Total Audio Converter runs on Windows 2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7. Audio Converter: The Ideal Audio File Format Converter...

You can easily convert any audio to WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, APE, FLAC, MP4, AAC, MPC. Sure batch option is supported.
You may rip CDs and convert CDA to lossy and lossless formats.
Total Audio Converter gets audio from YouTube videos. Just type in the url.
The Wizard of the program helps you make all the settings. You always know what parameter to choose to get the perfect sound.
You may convert audio files via command line.
Interface languages: English, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, and French.

Supported Formats:
* MPEG Audio Layer format (MP3)
* Real Audio format (RA, RMM, RAM, RPM, RM, RMVB)
* WAVE audio format (WAV)
* OGG file format (OGG)
* Audio Tracks format (CDA)
* Monkey's Audio format (APE, APL)
* Musepack formats (MPC, MP+)
* Windows Media Audio format (WMA)
* Free Lossless Audio Codec format (FLAC)
* Advanced audio coding (AAC, M4A)
* MPEG-4 international standard (MP4)
* True Audio codec (TTA)
* OptimFROG (OFR)
* Speex (SPX)
* WavPack (WV)
* MOD music
* AdaptiveMultiRate (AMR)
* MO3 music (MP3/OGG compressed MODs)
* Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)
* TwinVQ (VQF)
* Paris Audio File (PAF)
* Commodore Amiga (IFF, SVX)
* Sphere Nist (WAV)
* Sound forge (W64)
* GNU Octave 2.0 (MAT4)
* GNU Octave 2.1 (MAT5)
* Portable Voice Format (PVF)
* Fasttracker 2 (XI)
* HMM Tool Kit (HTK)

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