Codejock Xtreme Suite Pro ActiveX v13.4.0
Xtreme ToolkitPro 2009 combines our most popular Visual C++ MFC components, Xtreme Calendar, Xtreme CommandBars, Xtreme Controls, Xtreme DockingPane, Xtreme PropertyGrid, Xtreme ReportControl, Xtreme ShortcutBar, Xtreme Syntax Edit, Xtreme SkinFramework and Xtreme TaskPanel into one easy to use package.
Ribbon Bar Control
Codejock Software s Xtreme RibbonBar provides Windows developers with the latest Microsoft Office 2007 style Ribbon Bar component. No longer will users need to fumble through confusing and boring menus. Xtreme RibbonBar includes enhanced navigation capabilities by grouping menu and toolbar commands into logical blocks that are arranged in tabular format.

Tabular toolbars eliminate the need for numerous toolbars crowded around an application. Menu items can now be elegantly displayed in a toolbar. The contents of a toolbar can be accessed simply by clicking on its tab. Tabbed toolbars are not only easy to use, but they increase the usable view area. Groups are used to logically organize items in a toolbar. Group captions make it easy to identify items needed. An option button can be used to display a dialog or menu related to a group. Just about any type of item can be added to groups in the toolbar.

Advanced smart layout abilities ensure that the Ribbon Bar makes the most efficient use of the available space. Smart layout allows each item to have multiple image sizes. The smart layout will display the largest images when enough room is available and automatically display the smaller icons when space is tight. When space is abundant, large images with item captions are displayed, if space is limited, then only small icons with no captions are displayed. Items are always only a few clicks away, groups with insufficient space are displayed as a popup button which displays the entire group as a popup. Xtreme RibbonBar is always adapting to its environment to provide a perfect fit.



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