CameraBag Desktop v1.5.1-rG
CameraBag recreates the magic of film in a fast, intuitive, minimal interface: choose a photo, choose a filter, and youre done.

Digital cameras have replaced film for all but the most die-hard photographers, but something was lost in that transition. Before the digital era, a photographers choice of camera and film had nearly as much artistic impact as the subject matter. Rediscover the fading, tinting, blurring, chemical processing techniques, and happy accidents which gave film photos life.


+ Multi-filtering - You can apply multiple filters at once by enabling Multi-filtering. Different combinations will look good for different photos, but we highly recommend trying Instant > ColorCross. Or Helga > Lolo. Or Magazine > Mono. Just click the filters in the order you want to apply them. (Order does matter.) If something doesnt look good, click the filter again to remove it from the list.
+ Reprocess - Each filter has a default look, but you can also enable Reprocessing for subtle variations. Keep pressing the Reprocess button, and youll keep getting new exposures.
+ Customization - Each filter has a default border and cropping, but you can always specify a different one (or none) from the drop-down menus.
+ Easy To Use with many features



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