BRNI CFdesign 2010
CFdesign 2010 compresses the product development process by automating flow and thermal simulation decisionmaking, while eliminating rounds of prototype lab testing. This flexible solution equips each engineering team member with superior design performance feedback, driving new product quality and innovation.

CADentity groups
Collections of parts or surfaces are created in the CAD system using tools accessible in the CFdesign toolbar. They provide a convenient way to automate the assignment of settings and the building of the design study.

Design Study Manager
This utility organizes and manages your CAD models for multiscenario design studies directly from inside your CAD tool. This seamless connection from your CAD system automatically opens and lists all of the CFdesign files it finds on the local workstation.

Design Study Rules
Rules are associations between a CAD entity and a CFdesign setting that enable oneclick simulation. Use them to automatically assign settings to frequently recurring CAD components.



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