Best most helpful freeware pack 2010
the pack of free ware contains free apps its for basically everything with all latest versions as checked of today. it has one of each things like torrent, photo viewer etc.

Free Software/.NET v4.exe48.11 MB
Free Software/Adobe Air.exe11.56 MB
Free Software/Adobe Reader.exe26.12 MB
Free Software/ATI 64bit.exe72.60 MB
Free Software/CCleaner latest.exe3.24 MB
Free Software/CCleaner.exe3.23 MB
Free Software/CD Burner XP.exe6.47 MB
Free Software/CheatEngine56.exe4.07 MB
Free Software/dxwebsetup.exe281.34 KB
Free Software/EA download manager.exe254.30 KB
Free Software/EA.exe12.17 MB
Free Software/Flash player IE.exe2.48 MB
Free Software/Flash Player Non IE.exe2.45 MB
Free Software/Framework 3.5.exe2.82 MB
Free Software/gamebooster.exe1.20 MB
Free Software/Games for Win Live.exe27.91 MB
Free Software/GoogleEarth Beta.exe13.29 MB
Free Software/GoogleEarth.exe14.79 MB
Free Software/Java 32 bit.exe15.32 MB
Free Software/Java 64 bit.exe15.37 MB
Free Software/Lightscribe.exe10.42 MB
Free Software/NFO Viewer.exe263.00 KB
Free Software/Nvidia Physix.exe32.71 MB
Free Software/Open Office.exe148.00 MB
Free Software/Opera.exe12.52 MB
Free Software/Picasa.exe11.81 MB
Free Software/Read.txt 12 bytes
Free Software/Realtek 64bit.exe60.12 MB
Free Software/Recuvera.exe1.48 MB
Free Software/RocketDock.exe6.16 MB
Free Software/Shockwave player.exe8.06 MB
Free Software/Silverlight.exe5.97 MB
Free Software/Smart defrag.exe1.75 MB
Free Software/Vuze Latest.exe7.80 MB
Free Software/Wild Tagent Games.exe18.91 MB
Free Software/WL messanger Beta.exe1.15 MB
Free Software/WL messanger.exe1.19 MB

just install what apps u need from it. 100% clean , 100% free ENJOY !



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