Badaboom Professional + Plugins Added
Badaboom a„? Media Converter - the world's first format converter uses NVIDIA GPUs CUDA technology offloads the main processor for other tasks. Now there is no reason to carry a film, a processing your photos in Photoshop or other intensive tasks simultaneously with converting to AVCHD, because part will be executed by the processor GPU.
Unfortunately this program is designed only to happy owners of graphics cards based on processors from NVIDIA enabled for CUDA.

Elemental Technologies' Badaboom a„? Media Converter takes a fundamentally different approach to video format conversion from other solutions. Instead of performing format conversion on the CPU, it harnesses massively parallel GPUs from NVIDIA. By using the power of the GPU, the time required for video conversion is reduced. As an added bonus, you can still use the CPU for normal everyday tasks such as email and internet browsing. Anyone can now painlessly convert video between formats including AVCHD, leaving more time to enjoy the video and eliminating the frustration of video conversion delays. The Badaboom a„? Media Converter provides a simple to use tool for standard definition media conversion.



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