AutoScreenRecorder Pro 3.1.367


WisdomSoft AutoScreenRecorder Pro is a powerful and intelligent screen recorder to record anything you see, do and hear on your screen and save it to a video file or Flash movie. It comes with a number of features including codec and video quality options, auto stop, scheduled recording and a video editor, that you can deliver high quality video files. It supports multiple monitors, long recording and re recording audio. As well, AutoScreenRecorder 3.0 offers easy to use user interface and ScreenZoom that you can enlarge your screen any time. With AutoScreenRecorder 3 Pro, you can record your online sessions, web cams, games, software operation steps, training demos, videos and movies. You can easily upload your video to YouTube and the Flash movie can be published to the Web in no time.

Rectangle area
Adjustable rectangle
Object / Window
Active Window
Fixed area
Specific Window
Full screen
Non rectangular area

Adding to Recorded Video
Mouse pointer with click effect
Sound and voice
Multiple monitors
AutoText (Date/Time stamp, Note)
Double click support

Timed Recordin
Delayed recording
Auto stop
Scheduled recording
Recurring recording

Video File Feature
Automatic naming, saving to a video fil
Video image quality options
frame rate options for long recording

Recorded Video
AVI video file
Long recording with multiple 2G files
Generating Flash movie file
Auto scale Flash movie

Video Editing
Re record sound
Trim video
Extract frame images
Extract video or sound
Re generate Flash movie

Other Features
System tray
Zoombox options
One click for sound recorder and movie maker
Advanced options
Developer support



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