Ashampoo HDD Control v1.11
This program will warn you about possible malfunction of the disc will be able to easily perform common tasks and clean hard drives of unneeded data. With this program you can learn how well the performance of hard disk drives on your computer, the current temperature and efficiency drives, and can easily find and delete unnecessary data on the disks that take up too much space and prodelyvat defragment hard disks. Also, the program offers various benchmark your disks to determine reading speed data. The program interface is multilingual.
• Information about the serial numbers, manufacturer, cache, bad sectors on your hard drive
• Monitoring the temperature, efficiency and productivity drive in the background
• Display all current SMART files with a detailed explanation
• Ability to export reports in a separate file
CDs • Displays temperature Celsius and Fahrenheit
• The option to automatically save all intsedent in a separate report
• Simple operation and support skins
• Powerful, high-speed hard disk clean from unnecessary files
• Support for all modern browsers to clear internet files
• High Disk Defragmenter in accordance with current standards
• Automatic defragmentation in the background
• Assessment of status and performance of your hard drives
• Display of temperature, including premature warning of overheating
• Notify users by e-mail about possible failures and deteriorating discs
UnaTTended (Silent Installation) - this program is installed automatically. That is, you do not need to enter keys and use other ways of registering (patches, cracks etc). When Unattended Setup is not necessary to press constantly "on", the program will do everything for you. Once installed, it is fully ready for operation.
Imagine, for example: You are an administrator and you need to install on multiple computers operating system Windows (naturally it will be unattended Windows build) and install the same suite of programs. If you use unattended soft, then you can greatly save time.
Software will also be useful for those people who do not like to dig a trifle installation program, or do not want a trouble yourself. And especially impressed by those people who face difficulties in the installation (installation) applications. For example: Newcomers, old man. Building UnaTTended (Silent install) all by herself and do not need your intervention. Just run and after the installation program is ready for use with all built-in applications and supplements.
Released: 2010
Platform: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7

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