AquaSoft PhotoKalender 3.0.03
Passed have the times when gifts needed to be purchased or crafted, spending a lot of time. With AquaSoft PhotoKalender is finding the perfect gift as easy as never before. Add images, select a template, print the calendar and you re done already. Graphical templates embed your images; birthdays and other events are neatly displayed in the resulting calendar. And the best of all, you can design each template to the smallest detail yourself.

You can use more than 70 pre designed calendar templates right away. Year, month, week and day, all kinds of calendars you can think of are available.

Whether portrait or landscape format, one or several images per calendar page, one month or only one week per page, or even several calendars to hint at the previous or next month ... everything is possible.

Aside from that you can also implement other calendar ideas like year planners, family planners or Chrismas calendars.

You define the design! Create your very own templates or redesign those of others, to the smallest detail. The practical Template Editor allows the most creative ideas like free placement of images, texts, calendars and backgrounds.

With the help of the powerful effect system you get amazing results from your images. Use collages, frames, color and glow effects. These effects can be separately applied to images, text and background. Your designs will be absolutely individual.

It doesn t always have to be printed calendar. A digital calender that always shows the current date and also event and appointments is very neat and much better suited for your daily work on the computer.

Here s what Desktop Kalender, integrated into AquaSoft PhotoKalender, does for you: It lives on your Windows desktop and updates itself regularely. You can use any calendar template to design it and display your Outlook events visually appealing.

This type of calendars can also be exported and distributed. So you can give your most beautiful pictures to someone else or send a customized advertising message.



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