Alchemy Mindworks e-Paint v2.0a34
E-Paint is a Windows paint application — unlike numerous Windows paint «programs» It's easy to use, quick to learn and less difficult to master than many brands of soap. If you're able to work the web browser that's displaying this document, you have all the necessary skills to successfully operate e-Paint.
The power of e-Paint is that it embodies a rich selection of popular drawing and image-editing tools without attempting to squeeze every imaginable painting function in there somewhere, just so it can say it has them. It provides robust painting functionality, but it won't burden you with innumerable features to click through to perform simple tasks. It has a very short learning curve. It's also reasonably priced.
E-Paint's features include a variety of selection tools; antialiased drawing and text; a gallery of image processing filters ranging from tastefully subtle to breathtakingly wild; multiple document handling, soft brushes, local undo, variable magnification and an intuitive user interface — you might not even need its extensive, accessible documentation and tutorials.
You'll find e-Paint to be the perfect tool for fine-tuning your digital photographs; drawing cells for web page animations; creating original artwork; building graphics for business presentations or, if you're employed by one of the supermarket tabloids, gluing the head of the president of the United States onto the body of an extraterrestrial. It has few limits, and in the latter example, very little shame.
• Create and edit graphics stored as BMP, PCX, TGA, JPG, GIF and PNG files
• Draw with antialiasing to create smooth, professional lines, shapes and text
• Soften, sharpen, color-adjust and manipulate your graphics with a rich library of image processing filters
• Repair minor imperfections in your digital photographs
• Make radical alternations to your pictures — attach the heads of people you don't like to the bodies of favourite pets
• Work quickly — the intuitive user interface of e-Paint will keep your mouse from melting down
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