AKVIS Chameleon v7.0 for Adobe

AKVIS Chameleon a program for creating collages and amazing artistic compositions with mounting photos and other graphic elements. Chameleon save your time and energy because it does not require precise selection of objects and careful handling of boundaries between insert and background. That is why the program got its name it is seamless photo montage of color. Chameleon is used for decoration of wedding pictures, web sites and photo albums, in the preparation of promotional materials, greeting cards, wallpapers.

The program allows you to change your appearance, for example, to move his eyes from one photo to another, put on your skin tattoo or war paint. You can attach your face in the photo rock star or political leader, put himself next to Notre Dame, or settle on the background of any other known place, fit the modern image of classical painting. With Chameleon plugin you can transform the most ordinary picture, adding a zest.

AKVIS Chameleon works in four modes:
Montage mode is designed for a realistic combination of images and create the illusion of a holistic picture. The main part of the pasted fragment does not change, and the edges are smoothed and adjusted to fragment under the background image.
Chameleon Mode fully adapt the inserted fragment of a background image: smoothing edges and changing the color of the piece being arranged surrounding the background color.
Mixed Mode allows you to make an interesting effect vplavki inserted fragment in the texture of the background, when the inserted image shines through the pattern and texture of the ground.
Embedding Mode combines two images in a special way, so that the object fits in the background of the individual areas, so in some cases can be achieved by combining sophisticated form of objects. The uniqueness of this regime is that the work is just a background image, rather than inserting, the object itself does not change, but it overlaps part of the background.

AKVIS Chameleon is represented as a plugin to image editors (plugin) and as a separate, independent, program (standalone), does not require the availability of photo editors.

Operating system: Windows all
Language: ML
Medicine: yes
Size: 29.89 Mb
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